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Monday, July 19, 2010

IT assignment: go green video

This is my 2nd time editing the video , but more like just cut & paste --|||
(Ok, i admit that --)

Anyway, this video is about how you gonna save the earth by go green =)

Hope you like it ˇˇ


Monday, May 31, 2010

Pokemon Generation Part 2

The Pokemon Generation evolves with the new celebrites!!!

As you seen in the part 1, there are MORE than these new celebrites as they enter the pokemon world!!!! 囧

*P.S.:Please do not eating or drinking while viewing these pictures*


Pokemon Generation Part 1

Try Imagine This

If the celebrites living in the pokemon world, what will they become?

Bet it would be like this.....o(╯□╰)o

*P.S.: Please don't eating or drinking while viewing these pictures*


5th Guild Manga

Let the Guild Heats Up With Our Guild Forum Administor,小緯~~~~!!!!!

As you seen the previous manga, it seems that 小緯 had become famous through becoming the spokesperson of 天神online ....o(╯□╰)o

For preview the previous manga, click the link below:

Then, What really happen after that?

To Be Continued.....(⊙_⊙)?


The Male PR in our guild !!!

As the guild members gain more members, and so the guild member >>>蓝莓,decided to make a big news for the guild forum news!!!

And that is......


As these days for now, many female guild members went to visit these male PR after exhausted from daily work XDDD

actually, it is not real at all....囧


4th Guild Manga

The Guild Manga highs up the characters, as the story continues with the previous manga XD

*If you haven't seen the previous manga, click these following links*

1st guild manga

3rd guild manga

As we seen in the previous manga, it seems that 祐祐&小米didn't realize who they kissing (-_-")

So, What happened Next? (0.0)

*Please view from right to left*   <<<<<<<<

To Be Continued.....囧



The Interest place continues with the place in shah alam, travelled through the places & saw the place like "Alice in Wonderland"....

It was "I-City", also known as "Light City"~!!!!

This place can be found in shah alam area, as you enter the first area, you will enter the winter snowland...

The next area is the forest,like winter sonata scene.

It is quite fantasy in the I-City, so ENJOY the night view =)

For more information, please visit this following link:


The Birthday Present

Today it was my little sister birthday, as for me, my birthday is in a few more days later....

But since is weekend, so my birthday was celebrate earlier =)

Guess what present me & my little sister get for birthday ?


The answer is :The second, third and fifth picture is my present, the others is my little sister XDDD

Sunday, May 30, 2010

3rd Guild Manga

The guild manga continues as the first & second manga.

If you haven't seen the previous manga, click these links:

1st guild manga

2nd guild manga

As the previous manga, it seems that 祐祐had a bit misundertand on her lover,小米

She thought that her lover is a gay (O.O)||||

So, What's gonna happened next?

*Please view from right to left*  <<<<<<<<

To Be Continued.......囧